The Kingdom of God

The sermon on the mount is full of declarations concerning the kingdom of God and how to enter therein, and is concluded by the declaration, “He that doeth the will of my Father shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” As a race we have not entered into the kingdom of heaven, but have been content to put off our entrance therein to some far off time and place. This only proves that we have not done the will of the Father or we should have found His kingdom within us. How content we have been to wait and suffer and go down through the grave to find heaven when it has been right here very near all the time. Why have we been thus content? Has it been easier to bear suffering and pain than to obey the law of love to all men? Has it been easier to bear trouble than to give up selfishness, envy, hatred and malice?
Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (pp. 39-40). ECH Theological Association, Inc.

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