Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

We must do the will of the Father in order to enter the kingdom. We must do the will if we would prove the doctrine. We must do the will if we would find satisfactory Life in the Truth that will make us free. Do the will in thought as well as in word and act. It has been said and taught as a truth that “thoughts are things.” Thought is an evidence of the state of mind of the thinker.
Jesus told of nine different blessings that the kingdom of Heaven confers and seven of them are the rewards of states of mind. All of the greatest teachers of the world have emphasized strongly right thinking as a prime time factor in correct living and the way to attain happiness.
The man called the wisest who ever live said, “In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death.”
Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (pp. 42-43). ECH Theological Association, Inc.

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