Our Hearts and Prayers

We at Visions & Promises would like to let the community of Boston know that our hearts and prayers go out to the families and  victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. May God Bless each and every one of you and keep you safe always.


 ”I honor the place within you where the entire Universe resides; I honor the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace; I honor the place within you, where, when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us.”


Mahatma Gandhi

Our Prayers

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and residents of Newtown, Conn. as they are recovering from this morning’s tragedy.  Please everyone, join me in prayer for this community and our nation as we attempt to understand this horrific loss.

Marianne Williamson

Dear God, We come to You with broken hearts, surrendering the catastrophe that has occurred today in Connecticut. We cannot comprehend the darkness that led to this, or the suffering of those who have loved and lost. …

They are both too big. But in You, dear God, there are Answers we cannot surmise and Light we cannot summon by ourselves. We present to you our brokenness, and the horror and pain of those who grieve. May those who died find joy in the immortal realms. May those who mourn them be comforted in this hour of their agony. And may our prayers and actions be guided by You, dear God, to create a world where this occurs no more.


Love and Law

The law of the Lord is perfect, and the law of the Lord is love. You are made perfect in the law when you enter into conscious communion with love. Love is the fulfillment of the law; that is, it is only through love that the law can fulfill itself in your experience, because love harmonizes everything, unifies everything. It gives to everything, flows through everything. You can never make the most perfect use of the law of your life unless that use is motivated by love.

 As the artist weds himself to beauty, imbibing the essence or spirit of beauty that it may be transmitted to the canvas or awaken the cold marble to living form, so you must wed yourself to love. You must imbibe its spirit. This love is more than a sentiment. It is a deep sense of the underlying unity and beauty of all life, the goodness running through everything, the givingness of Life to everything. Say:

[There is One Mind, One Life, One Presence and I choose to call that Presence God.

That Presence operates in and through me, as me.]

Today I bestow the essence of Love upon everything.

Everyone shall be lovely to me.

My soul meets the soul of the universe in everyone.

Everything is beautiful, everything is meaningful.

This love is a healing power touching everything into wholeness, healing the wounds of experience with its divine balm.

I know that this Love Essence is the very Substance of Life, the creative Principle back of everything, flowing through my whole being, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical.

It flows in transcendent loveliness into my world of thought and form, ever renewing, vitalizing, bringing joy, harmony and blessing to everything and everyone it touches.

[I release this treatment into Law knowing it is already accomplished.

I give thanks that it is so, And so it is.]


This Thing Called you.  Ernest Holmes


To look thus to Truth with trust is to speak Truth, and its words are life, health and wisdom to all who speak them. Truth is the God who is a “present help”-the God who is Omnipresent Good to the exclusion of any other force whatever. God is Love. Is there anything more satisfying than love? Is it not quite true that the dinner of herbs is better with one we love than the stalled ox where love is unknown or where unkindness and strife are rife? If we have all the material things that money can procure, with a palace for a home, friends who praise or flatter, sumptuous fare, fine clothing and every luxury, are we happy or content if these are shared with one we cannot love?
Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (p. 47). ECH Theological Association, Inc.

The More Abundant Life

Today you are to identify yourself with the more abundant life, to think on those things which make for peace, to dwell on the unity which underlies everything. As you consciously pose yourself in the realization that you live in pure Spirit, new power will be born within you. You will find yourself renewed by the Divine life, led by Divine Intelligence and guarded by Divine Love. Focus your inward vision on this indwelling harmony, knowing that as you contemplate its perfection you will see it manifest in everything you do. Say:

[There is One Power everywhere present, there is One Life, One Intelligence, One Mind.  I choose to call that Intelligence God.  That Intelligence operates in me, through me, as me.]

Realizing that the Spirit within me is God, the Living Spirit Almighty, being fully conscious of this Divine Presence as the sustaining Principle of my life, I open my thought to Its influx.

I open my consciousness to Its outpouring.

I let that Mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus.  This is the Mind of Truth, the Mind of God, carrying with It all the power of the Infinite.

I know and understand that Good alone is real.

I know that silently I am drawing into my experience today, and every day, an ever-increasing measure of truth and beauty, of goodness and harmony.

Everything I do, say and think is quickened into right action, into productive action, into increased action.

My invisible good already exists.

My faith, drawing upon this invisible good, causes that which was unseen, to become visible.

All there is, is mine NOW; all there ever was or ever can be, is mine NOW.

[I release this treatment knowing it is already accomplished, giving thanks that it is so, and so it is.]


This Thing Called you. Ernest Holmes

There is No Spot Where God is Not

The true words concerning God are that God is the All Good and is present in all places. There is no point of space where He is not. God is Life eternal, Truth unvarying, Love unfailing, Substance unchangeable, Intelligence indisputable. Omnipresence, or all presence; Omnipotence, or All Power; Omniscience, or All Knowledge.[Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.]

 Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (p. 44). ECH Theological Association, Inc

I Am One with All Life

 The Spirit of God is an undivided and indivisible Wholeness. It fills all time with Its presence and peoples space with the activity of Its thought. It is, of course, difficult for the human mind to understand the meaning of such an all-encompassing Presence. However, perhaps the greatest difficulty is that we try to make it too abstract.

 You already know that you live. You know that your life is peopled with events, persons coming and going, happenings that take place in your everyday experience, the thoughts in your own mind, the activities of your own affairs, the circulation of blood in your body. Don’t you think this is the place to begin? You already understand the presence of life. It is not difficult, after all.

 Your endeavor, then, is not so much to find God as it is to realize His Presence and to understand that this Presence is always with you. Nothing can be nearer to you than that which is the very essence of your being. You r outward search for God culminates in the greatest of all possible discoveries–the finding of Him at the center of your own being. Life flows up from within you. Say:

[There is One Mind, One Power, One Life, One Intelligence.

I choose to call that Mind God.

Mind, Intelligence operates in me, through me, as me.]

I know that my search is over.

I am consciously aware of the Presence of the Spirit.

I have discovered the great Reality.

I am awake to the realization of this Presence.

There is but one Life.

Today I see It reflected in every form, back of every countenance, moving through every act.

Knowing that the Divine Presence is in everyone I meet, the Spirit in all people, I salute the good in everything.

I recognize the God Life responding to me from every person I meet, in every event that transpires, in every circumstance in my experience.

I feel the warmth and color of this Divine Presence forevermore pressing against me, forever welling up from within me–the well-spring of eternal being present yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.

[I release this treatment into Law, knowing that it is already accomplished.

I give thanks that It is so,

And so It is.]


 This Thing Called you.  Ernest Holmes

Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

We must do the will of the Father in order to enter the kingdom. We must do the will if we would prove the doctrine. We must do the will if we would find satisfactory Life in the Truth that will make us free. Do the will in thought as well as in word and act. It has been said and taught as a truth that “thoughts are things.” Thought is an evidence of the state of mind of the thinker.
Jesus told of nine different blessings that the kingdom of Heaven confers and seven of them are the rewards of states of mind. All of the greatest teachers of the world have emphasized strongly right thinking as a prime time factor in correct living and the way to attain happiness.
The man called the wisest who ever live said, “In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there is no death.”
Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (pp. 42-43). ECH Theological Association, Inc.

The Kingdom of God

The sermon on the mount is full of declarations concerning the kingdom of God and how to enter therein, and is concluded by the declaration, “He that doeth the will of my Father shall enter into the kingdom of heaven.” As a race we have not entered into the kingdom of heaven, but have been content to put off our entrance therein to some far off time and place. This only proves that we have not done the will of the Father or we should have found His kingdom within us. How content we have been to wait and suffer and go down through the grave to find heaven when it has been right here very near all the time. Why have we been thus content? Has it been easier to bear suffering and pain than to obey the law of love to all men? Has it been easier to bear trouble than to give up selfishness, envy, hatred and malice?
Hopkins, Emma Curtis (2011-09-04). Spiritual Law In The Natural World (pp. 39-40). ECH Theological Association, Inc.