Welcome to my web-site! Glad you chose to look at my page, and to consider Visions and Promisesin the planning and myself as an Officiant for one of the most exciting times of your life. A new beginning, an affirmative and wonderful day to look ahead to a bright future with the one you love. There are many Wedding/ Event Planners, so why pick me? Simple: I love to bring families together, and I have forty successful years of experience doing it. My testimonials speak for themselves. For now I’ll “take the podium.”

What started as the questioning and research of many faiths from a very young age (As a little girl I was Presbyterian, at age five I declared Episcopalian as my faith.  Then I searched out Judaism and Buddhism, before finding Religious Science) brought me to pair my religious studies with my abilities of party making and have become an Event Planner and Officiant. After planning my first wedding in 1971, I am now basking in the fruitful accomplishments that I have attained over the last forty years. What a path it’s been!

After being born at the beginning of World War II in Long Beach, CA, my childhood was spent in Los Angeles in what is now called “Watts.”  But, back then 104th and Manhattan was a nice area of town. I went to grammar school, junior high, and most of high school there.  I left my senior year of high school and went to Glendale, CA.  I graduated high school, went to work and while on vacation in Hawaii on vacation met a local Hawaiian and married.   That’s what was expected of women. I became more enlightened with my studies in the teaching of Religious Science.  While studying I planned weddings and parties for the church.

Three years later I had my daughter, was divorced, and as a single parent continued studying Religious Science, the core teaching that I follow.  My daughter was baptized in Religious Science, and grew up with its teachings.  She also became my Business Partner! Who better?

I resumed my education with college at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where I graduated Magna Cum Laude and Commonwealth Scholar and a B.A. in Psychology.  I taught Special Education in the Public Schools in Lancaster, CA. for ten years.  Prior to this I worked at the Bank of America at 650 South Spring Street, in Los Angeles.  That building today is an event venue called “Majestic Halls.” From there I worked at Bekins Van & Storage in their computer center. From there I went to work at Edward T. Bergin & Company, CPA’s and became fascinated with the world of accounting.  I was an avid learner and could set up a general ledger with all the accounts, run a trial balance, prepare financial statements which included a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet.  That started my love of numbers and computers.

Who would have thought such a “so-called” random chain of events would lead me here? I would love to share your Wedding day or any other of life’s events (corporate and personal) with you and can be reached at: (661) 992-4071 or by email at


Growing up in a Religious Science environment, I was always in love with the concept of love. Having recently married this past October, I can appreciate even more how “special” an event like a wedding is. When considering Visions and Promisesfor your event, marriage or otherwise expect my partner and I to give you 110 per cent of our skill and talent.
“Your Vision is our Promise”is more than just a slogan; it’s what I do best. Be it a wedding, corporate event or other occasion our business has contacts in every area of event planning from caterers to limousine rentals and everything in between. Better still, at affordable prices. My goal is to exceed your expectations for any event you are hosting.

My psychology background (I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University Northridge  in 2008), coupled with over 12 years of work as a pharmacy technician lends me great abilities to manage a busy schedule and pay intricate attention to details.

I became a partner in this family-owned business in December of 2010 and what an opportunity it’s been! I would love to share your Wedding day with you and can be reached by phone at (805) 428-8106 or by email at